Wednesday, 3 March 2010

First signs of Spring

My mother-in-law and I do this thing where we count how many species of wildflower we see when we go on walks throughout the year. Yesterday's total was two - speedwell and dandelion - and I had to search pretty hard for those. However there are catkins now - both alder and hazel - and the pussy willow is starting to break out, so things are starting to move.

Interesting to note that the blackthorn blossom-to-be is still tiny hard buds. Looking back at my photos from previous years, I see that on the 8th March two years ago the blackthorn by the 'new' wood was a riot of blossom, whereas this year the same bushes still look almost like bare twigs at the moment.


  1. Hi Penny. Well that's two more than I've seen. Despite 3 days of dry weather it is still far too wet underfoot. Plenty of Catkins above but very little below but hopefully things will pick up soon! FAB.

  2. At last and some lovely images as well Penny.